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PAWEŁ KRÓTKI. phystiotherapist & performance Coach.

PAWEŁ KRÓTKI. phystiotherapist & performance Coach.

physiotherapist & performance coach.

more than just knowledge.

Despite the daily support of my patients and athletes, my work as a tutor in fields of movement medicine and strength-skill approach is huge part of my professional life. I share with you main courses in which I teach the utmost effective ways of understanding the complexity of human motor behaviour.

My offer is dedicated to all professionals who work with elite and everyday athletes and who seek better outcomes from strength and conditioning and rehab training efforts.






Rehab Framework Consultations.

Educational series of courses in the field of individualised rehabilitation framework design for small and huge facilities applied for different and sport-related injuries and musculoskeletal conditions — now available on-line!

English ⦁ Polish

Human Movement and Motor Learning.

8-day course that includes the most deliberate approaches that improve human locomotor function: from performance paradigm, through strength-power development to sport-specific drills.


Rehab Training Workshops.

Series of workshops that teach practical competencies in reaching therapeutic objectives with various musculoskeletal conditions i.e. low back pain, return to sport and cognitive training.


Movement Alphabet On-line Course.

The most complex introduction into movement and skill-training approach. 9-months deeply practical course is delivered by world-leading on-line platform designed for effective learning.


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