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PAWEŁ KRÓTKI. phystiotherapist & performance Coach.

PAWEŁ KRÓTKI. phystiotherapist & performance Coach.

physiotherapist & performance coach.

after strength
come results.

Complex athlete support.

Evidence-based sports rehabilitation.

Interdisciplinary & skill-oriented approach
in locomotor training.

PAWEŁ KRÓTKI. phystiotherapist & performance Coach.



It all begins with strength training and development of fundamental abilities to overcome resistance.



Achievements are based on motor learning principles that supports the sport-specific skills acquisition process.



What empowers an athlete with confidence in the success is facing stress, fatigue & the unexpected chaos.

movement basics

coordination & balance

active mobility

dynamic stability

bodyweight training

injury rehabilitation

holistic pain therapy

skill aqcuisition

strength training

power development

agility & Quickness

high Intensity training

Techniques that fits uniqueness.

Based on individual movement analysis, the design of the athletic programme needs to be fully personalised. I choose between the wide scope of techniques that increase what's needed and what's supporting the goal.

ways of coachnig.

1:1 supervision

Best option is always face-to-face cooperation and direct feedback. Check facilities & possibilities of how we can meet.

on-line support

Remote contact is perfect for athletes & patients who train abroad / travel or for those to whom on-line support is better option.


With every athlete I share consistent and clear gym + field programme suited to fulfill the purpose of the athletic or rehab training.


The value of given instructions comes from available visual or data information that we share during the cooperation.

direct periodisation

context-centered framework.

High-performance programme must include the big picture of sports nature. That's why besides the algorithm of optimal loading, I integrate all contributing factors and constraints i.e. running mechanics, tissue repair, testing & technical skills.

after strength comes results.

I believe in this claim. It suggests that athlete-coach cooperation is much more than strength training, that we need to go beyond the force as isolated entity, incorporating different approaches to maximise the results — because sports are truly about the results.

need support? just shout.

Thanks for submitting

simple behind complex.

high-quality athletics.

reach out for cooperation.

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